Sunday, March 15, 2020

Quora censorship on the Delhi riots

(On 8 March 2020, I answered the Quora question whether the Delhi events were a one-sided pogrom or a two-sided riot. My answer is here below. No one could pick a single hole in it, so Quora removed it.)

"The facts here are very clear, but rest assured that they will be contested. Like most Hindu-Muslim riots, this riot started as a Muslim pogrom on Hindus, with some spectacular killings of Hindu policemen, but then Hindus started striking back, and ultimately the Muslim death toll surpassed the Hindu one. Similar to Gujarat 2002, which started with a Muslim pogrom of 59 Hindu women and children in the women's wagon of a train returning from Ayodhya, locked in and burned to death. Then the Hindus retaliated, and it ended with some 300 Hindus and 800 Muslims killed. In international reporting, the all-explaining opening move is scrupulously left out, as if you have WW2 start on 6 June 1944 with the Allied "aggression” on Europe and highlight the higher death toll on the German compared to the Anglo-American side.
"Major media have been caught in the act of fabricating fake news, e.g. the Wall Street Journal brought an interview with policeman Ankit Sharma's brother, who described how a (Muslim) mob had stabbed his brother to death. In the published version, the WSJ inserted that this mob was shouting a Hindu battle-cry to shift the blame to the Hindus to save their narrative that the Hindus were committing a pogrom. Fortunately, the brother and other witnesses publicly denied this and pointed out the WSJ's manipulation. and other papers published a photograph of a Muslim mob on the attack, easily recognizable by their clothes, and captioned that this was a “Hindu mob". When this was exposed, Scroll removed the photograph, i e. the evidence, but maintained its mendacious narrative. Same manipulation in Wikipedia, which suppressed corrections; or how blatantly fake news was quickly turned into the received wisdom."


Arun Jetli said...

Koenraad I do blame the Hindus for their complacency as their interpretation of unity in diversity is abstract a fundamental flaw where diversity implies accepting even those who want your destruction and that makes them timid as a tennis coach who abandoned philosophy after my PhD I have seen people cheat on the tennis court My solution was not just to cheat back but let the opponent know that you are cheating if keeps calling the ball out you call a ball out that lands in the middle of the court and then smirk at him so the message is clear as much as I admire zmagarana Prstsp I admire Shivaji more because he used guerilla tactics thee is a fundamental flaw in the Hindu lebenswelt the way to overcome would be to make sure the efucatoon involves practical solutions to theoretical narrative and recognizing the fecundity of tat tvam asi whereby the individual can feel the joy of self negation not the horror of it

Gururaj B N said...

Hindu Muslims riots always start like this. First muslim aggression. Hindus suffer upto a point. When they hit back, Muslims die or suffer in more number. Then the Muslims and their supporters cry foul, appeal to UNHRC, western media, liberal press in India. I have been watching these riots since 1969, Gandhi centenary year in which Ahmedabad suffered one of the worst Hindu-Muslim riots in India, under Hitendra Desai, the congress CM of Gujarat. I recall the news reports of that time, that there were 2000 deaths, though one cannot be sure of accuracy of numbers at this distance of time. Three years later, there were comparably big riots in Bhiwandi and Jalgaon in Maharashtra. Both started with stone pelting from mosques.In 1993 mumbai riots also, until Shiva Sena hit the streets, Muslims went on wild rampage. With Shivsena's aggression, within two days, every muslim rioter went back to his ghetto. Mau riots in UP some time in UPA I rule was one riot where Muslims successfull drove out all Hindus from the village. There were some 200 deaths, as I recall news reports. The problem is that the Muslims continue to suffer fromd elusions of grandeur, that they can once again rule India. This is not likely to happen wihtin another one or two generation. But, their demographic aggression might achieve it in about 100 to 150 years. Not only their population is growing, even their growth rate is growing. That is a cause of major concern. I await 2021 census with apprehension.

Ashish said...

I have shared this on Quora.

Sourabh said...

Do u think this is limited to present times? I remember a documentary by BBC about partition of India, and it only shows a Sikh showing his resolve, whether to honor kill their daughter, or revenge what they suffered. The Arab followers interviews are more general in that documentary.
Similarly, a book called "Freedom at Mindnight" shows British reporting. It shows Hindu elements in poor light wrt.Islam, makes hero of Mountbatten, and in the riots, accounts atrocities committed by Sikhs more. (Well to a part it is understandable, as they were small communities), but it doesn't lay emphasis that it was not started by Sikhs.

Till a spade is called a spade, there is no end.

Karthikrajan said...

@B.N Gururaj , sir i am more worried about the lack of hindhu mobilisation on the media front even after 6 years of bjp rule at the centre. At least in the english world we have republic tv, but in the tamil world not a single tv channel has been started like that of replublic. I am not sure about other vernacualrs. Heard that Janam tv in malayalam is doing some good work. But we need a tsunami. Like Dr Elst says, hindhus have simply gifted the turf to its enemies ......pathetic. !!

Unknown said...

Quora censoring topics on Sikh genocide and sikh freedom from india struggle too.