Saturday, June 15, 2019

Genetic proof for the AIT? Look again.

Authorities on science and the scientific temper very wisely teach students never to use Wikipedia as a source: it is often amateurish and incomplete, and on any controversial subject (not just politics) it is invariably partisan, with one of the contending parties having captured the "encyclopedia" entry and preventing  the other parties from entering corrections or their own versions. And yet, it is while browsing through a reference that turned out to lead to a Wikipedia page, that I found the following quotation by Harvard geneticist David Reich that had escaped my notice during the whole hullabaloo triggered by India's anti-Hindu crowd that finally, "genetics has proven the Aryan Invasion Theory". Here goes:

"Ancient DNA available from this time in Anatolia shows no evidence of steppe ancestry similar to that in the Yamnaya (although the evidence here is circumstantial as no ancient DNA from the Hittites themselves has yet been published). This suggests to me that the most likely location of the population that first spoke an Indo-European language was south of the Caucasus Mountains, perhaps in present-day Iran or Armenia, because ancient DNA from people who lived there matches what we would expect for a source population both for the Yamnaya and for ancient Anatolians. If this scenario is right the population sent one branch up into the steppe-mixing with steppe hunter-gatherers in a one-to-one ratio to become the Yamnaya as described earlier- and another to Anatolia to found the ancestors of people there who spoke languages such as Hittite."  (Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past. By David Reich. New York: Pantheon, 2018)

His putative Proto-Indo-European Homeland lies neither in the Yamna area of the Pontic steppes, the great favourite, nor in Anatolia, the little favourite, but in a third region, tentatively indicated as "Iran or Armenia", south of the Caspian Sea. That region equally lies outside India and therefore necessitates an immigration or invasion into India in order to explain the presence of a branch of Indo-European there. That is all that interested the anti-Hindu section in India: in order to spite the Hindus, it wants to be able to say to them that they are invaders. The implication would be that they can be divided into "aboriginal" and "invader" communities, and that they have no right to chide the Muslims or the Christian missionaries for having entered India as invaders. 

But us scholars, we know that the hypothetical Aryan Invasion was not some generic invasion from just anywhere as long as it wasn't India. No, it had a specific Homeland, and a lot of effort has already gone into elaborating the archaeology and genetics of the Pontic area in order to correlate these with a linguistic scenario, viz. the disintegration of the ancestral Proto-Indo-European language into its several branches, from Celtic and Germanic to Tocharian and Indo-Aryan.

Now, what Reich says here, is that the Pontic area was not the Homeland. He adds the detail that at least the arrival of the Anatolian branch of Indo-European into Anatolia does not correspond to a gene flow from the Pontic area. So, exit the Pontic area as a candidate for Homeland status? I already thought so for several other reasons, starting with the common-sense observation that this thinly populated region does not support the kind of demographic heavyweight to displace or radically transform the demographic powerhouse of the Harappan civilization. To conquer and transform Europe was possible, especially if you kill off much of the male population, as indicated by the genetic record for the -3rd millennium. There is plenty of evidence tracing the population and culture of Europe back to the Pontic area, so to that it was a Homeland,-- but only a secondary Homeland. As one of the leading Indo-Europeanists, Paul Heggarty from Leipzig University, said at the German Orientalist conference of 2017: the Pontic Yamna ("pit-grave") culture came too late to be the ultimate Homeland. It was a secondary Homeland, itself already a settlement area for immigrants from elsewhere.

According to the Out-of-India Theory, that ultimate primary Homeland was North India. Reich, who isn't too sure of his case, sees it in Armenia (already proposed as a Homeland by Thomas Gamkrelidze & Vyacheslav Ivanov) or Iran. That discussion of where exactly can be left for another occasion. The message to take home for now is that even David Reich, celebrated by India's Aryan Invasion champions, as also by New-Rightist Euro-Nationalists, locates the Homeland outside Europe and helps to disprove the really existing invasionist Homeland theory, viz. with the Pontic steppes as Homeland.


Anonymous said...

Presently shut out of Twitter lol
thnx 4 thine tireless service to Truth
u have advanced cause of Dharm significantly thnx ji..
pls note there were migrations from Pontic Steppe ; indeed Notorious bikrami calendar rooted in such history altering marches of men, women children and their equines, bovines, canines, perhaps felines rofl
Damage to afpak yezidi will never b forgotten or forgiven

i’ve Even penned shmall rhyme of such destiny altering marches by heroes of the HimalyanEurasianSteppes.
SuryaSiddanth is most accurate ayanamsa: Shakti of Naked Eye Observation of StellerSystems, perfect internal and eternal vision. Honouring ancestors is integral part, indeed foundation of DharmKarm. FilialPiety.
conception 2 cremation welfare state is disgusting and fundamentally dysgenic. Unjust wars of looting to satiate Mlecch consumers r wrong, neocolonialism atrocities have yet to end. Eugenix is heart of Hinduism and related religions. Semitic creeds cannot coexist with Aryan religions and vice versa.
Kakistocratic regimes must b smashed/demolished and uprooted in order to alter zeitgeist of Kaljewg, full stop.
Hands off aryavarta usa.
i hate usa

Anonymous said...

Correction: perfect internal and external vision. All occult powers in other words.

Osho references Mongolia origin of some aryavartan ancestors.Refer to info at struggleforhinduexistence website wrt long march from mongolia
Mangal is mars
Son of Earth
Strength from North;light from East.
North Star is sacred for us: v r a northern spacefaring race, the AryaSakA peoples.
Only caste protects vulnerable groups of society.

Me still doing research of illustrious Arya origins: the mind born sons of Brahma.
The many and varied dysfunctions of anglosphere must b analyzed by competent sages seers kings and gods/titans etc

Anonymous said...

Yes multiculturalism is pathetic but the idea any patch of land upon beloved graceful BhumiDevi is designated as belonging to anyone other than mahapurakh violates Dharmic legal injunctions. Ex ummah land xtianitydom Bantu land or white land (what is white exactly) or issrile who regard all nonjoo as goyim kosher halal criminals etc. All this is repulsive to common sense. Chindia out of control again..truly there is nothing new under the sun, or at least hardly ever. Chinee persecuting Uighur peoples and maidens of Paxton. Why usa grew this monster of china
DharmKarm earn honest livelihood, share with genuinely needy and work towards full Enlightement, self realization and self acttualization whatever that might b lol
Too many bluffers on Earth.
This world is really only for warriors and lovers.
Only lovers alive, all else r dead, in more ways than one, I might humbly add.
Wymyn ought not work, according to Panjab cultural norms.

Anonymous said...

The above music film explains well points attempted to be made above.

Anonymous said...

Since I’ve been silenced by twitter I will say the here:as Vadakail pointed out iirc three nations outside grip of swindle that is crony capitalism of the anglojew

Yanki go home stop being fugly

Harming Aryavarta is extremely BadKarma no matter what your bibble says buybull
One fine day, Odin avai, Semitic overkill will b matched, nay, surpassed by Aryan overkill.
Consider this a warning u out of control raksh avadi of kaljug

Deal with your negro criminal population ive had misfortune of watching the inaccurately named law&order trash tv and your snowcracker demographic who abuse swastik do not follow Rig Ved and r to boot morbidly obese and likely hooked on some horrific substance

There is no high higher than the God High of Meditation.

Anonymous said...

We know your stupid bible says brownz r condemned to never have their own homeland.
whole of world is ours by divine birthright privilege as members of AryaDharmic Group/maths of ReligionsPeoples.
U r wrong angloswine.

These comments r directed in general to nuttynato not personally to Dr. Elst.

Thanks for permission for me to vent.
Kanada is Gaza Strip of Western Hemisphere at least in Gaza they r free to throw rocks here v lack freedom of thought.
a rat Semite humanoid once threw rock at Me! I ignored the rat. To his credit the rat apologized. David Zcameron is lunatic when he crazily suggests it is fine to correct other peoples offspring.

Anonymous said...

Errata: maths is Jatha

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will be final comment for a while:

Deadliness of veganism: “Indian (of India origin not chineenassalRedindiyan lol) body needs milk”.
Beloved mother’s sacred sweet words to quack fraud doctor woeman.
Deadly for hair, skin, mood, concentration is veganism. Veganism is death gencide of AryaDharmic peoples and religions.
Fortunately within a Glorious Canada ahimsa dairy programs r coming to life.
If one needs medication and it was nefariously created thru animal torture, sin falls on animal torturer not the patient who takes said medication.
Milk and milk products are a vital necessity for Arya life sustenance creation and our cremation demands ghee. If milk is from poorly treated cow buffalo goat ewe etc the sin karma falls upon the animal torturist, not the Arya lucky enough to drink milk and eat divine foodstuffs created from milk Kushira dudh lait. Dudh is supposedly a tribal origin word? Lol
AryaDharmic communities have in our illustrious lineages AryaAnimalRightsMartyrs.
Final point: lactose is Good, very good.
Ayurveda good for AryaDharmic avoid Semitic medical system naturopathy sikhpathy homeopathy good

Not all bodies r the same! I almost died due to veganism. Amlifelong milkveg

Anonymous said...

I fervently wish for Almighty to keep Aryavartan Aryaputra of Arvartasthan to b safe and sound always: Zamin of IranIndia closer to me than own breath. Wretched permanent misery for eternality for war commiters of atrocities against aryadharmic peoples, lands, noble ideals, protected vulnerable groups within such aryaLands etc. iow halt All forms of torture. Political power purpose is not to serve as aphrodisiac for dirty diseased semites but rather for advancement of Dharm/karm and spread of Nam. Compassion daia is root of genuine arya religion, of any age satjug or kaljewg.
First full day of summer. What most infuriates communist criminals? Tennis lol
Time to practice tennis skills against the wall for the wall never makes a mistake.
Chindiyan kakistocratic reptilian pseudoelites hate tennis.i hate them more, infinitely more.
One vay or another I shall return to twitter/Twatter.

Stay safe and interesting Iran. U 2 Prez Trump Sahib ji.

AnythingAnytime4AryavartanAryaputraOfAryavarthasthan: ahimsa is most valuable ideal, bar none, fullstop.
vhgru&thnx pr108

Nagasena said...

The possibility of older cultures south of the Caucasus mountains leading to the development of Yamnaya later on has been discussed in literature before. Where and when the PIE language developed is a debated question, even around the neighbourhood of the Pontic steppes. Mallory suggests the Yamnaya developed late PIE. Parpola suggests late PIE was spoken in the Tripolye culture (north-west of Black Sea), which expanded into the Yamnaya. The difference of Anatolian with other branches of Indo-European are already well-attested by the difference in vocabulary of wheeled vehicles. The gene flow started from the Yamnaya, although the ancestors could have lived in the Yamnaya periphery – that’s what Reich asserts. This is not a significant shift from the standard Aryan migration picture. Genetic studies of course can not say if the migration happened as an invasion or not. The genetic data (presented by Reich, and other independent groups whose work has gone unnoticed) softens the invasion picture. Invasion would mean a small number of people coming to a land and imposing a new culture. What the genetic results claim is that there was a mass migration of people. This is a deviation from the traditional ‘invasion’ scenario.

Anonymous said...

Past migrations to India by arya arctic tribes when arctic was mild climate, it is becoming mild again due to Prakriti’s climate change.

It was likely similar to today’s East Arya Pashtun and allied groups- originally patriarchal but messed up by jew element embedded in QuoranSharif - migration to Deutschland and environs. By rights Pathankot, currently in chindian occupied whittled down E. Panjab, junction of the Pastun peoples ought to be settled by Pastun tribesmen and their wives and children. Vegetarianism is tenet of every religion including Islam. Fairness is never a feature of stalinistChindia so it remains to be seen when Pathankot returns to Pastun peoples.
Matriarchal customs of catholix and muzlims r different from Saxon Scythian Saka Patriarchy.
As a general rule of thumb one can safely state matriarchy is highly dysgenic creates fugliness and simply nonpareil in normalizing every known form of torture and then some. Wymyn r freakz. Hey Wymyn according to Aryan tradition Earth is property of Great Men Mahapurush. Expect surprise atheist feminists when u discover God’s primal Form is AlphaMaleMasculine like Germanic ideal not wimpy greeki
Wat was phenotype of alek not so great of mekkadonna who Was roundly and soundly deservedly defeated at Panjab.Job well done Arya tribesmen of NW India. He messed up noble Zarathustra peoples sacred divine path to God.
Ancient Arya blood is superior.Despite dysgenic semitich creeds we find this valuable Arya genetic signature around the world.
Torture of men and their families by multiculti virtue signalling badmash wymyn iow ladettes is temporary blip. Great cultures understand that making the fair sex work (fair sex refers to girlchild maidens and mothers grandmothers- fair defined as beautiful opposite of fair is foul - gender is term pertaining to grammar) outside domestic sphere of one’s home in service to kith kin kine is ultimate form of torture. Not to be gross but as disgustingly revealed by superwoman and rupiK. Menstruation is tough. Contraception is degrading self sterilization and must be made illegal by Law of Manu. Arya code of conduct is universal. Refer to Srila Prabhupad. Gandharva marriage however I feel is ideal, much more eugenical than corrupt mudrace version brahminicalism of chindia,To reiterate semitich matriarchy has blood on its dirty diseased depraved hands. Caste system makes sense. Fortunately amongst the various tribes of indiran there r practitioners of Arya religions. No matter how many incarnations it takes I vow to usher in age of Truth and rearyanize Earth, bhumidevi.Prakriti is worthy of protection. German research proves feeding songbirds creates good cheerful karma more than mechanical chanting of mantra so states Dr Pankaj Naram: he is in line of Brahma, a true doctor who cures his patients. Only by great good fortune can one find good doctor. Gurbani teaches Krsna is ultimate doctor. I tend to agree.
Were it not for Peerless Gurbani’s cooling effect everyone would b infected by Frankfurt school ejewcation.
Fortunately v have Satguru in form of Mantra, Ardas and Seva Etc dharmFauji

jas said...

Surely looking at lactose tolerance in populations shows the links between north indians and europeans, and hence validity of the AIT?

Anonymous said...


“Tolerance”is weird word why not “acceptance” “Gift of Gopi” is term
being utilized by science of the day by supposed scientist persons who r pushing/forcing diabolical miscegenation agenda of zog, for lack of a better more concise term..kalergi and joshua project of adulterous cia aims to extinct/genocide both western and eastern Arya alike. I am confident there will never, not ever be a postaryan age as Beauty/Truth, source of which is zebu cow milk never dies, is eternal. Not eternal as of semitich born sinner of xtianity creed but Eternality as demonstrated by Baba Deep Singh of Beloved Baba Nanak’s Panth and Zarathustra, Gautam Buddh, Jain, Vedanta etc
Note, Arabic peoples Sanscritic name is Aravasthan tribe who r renowned for their superb matchless Matchless Equestrian skills Greatness. Indeed Aravasthan peoples pioneered horsemanship and Equestrian sportsmanship. Eskimo utilize dogsled. So Founder Of Peace Religion technically of Arya ancestry and was likely devotee of Pasupati spouse of all critters, but Arya is also referring to code of conduct. Multispecies Most condemnably nonaryan fauj Of Mohamad was certainly semitich thru and thru not Aryan .
Contrast with tenth Master of Sikhi: here we have return, at long last, after 5000 plus years, to Aryan principles of warfare as per RigVedicReligion Standard. As Semitruthful revisionist ‘historian’ Kerala centric Vadakayil points out, third Reich military was in fact mostly Following Aryan injunctions Of not subjecting enemies womenfolk to loss of honour to put it delicately, iow it was not Semitic “murder men rape women” . No. there was some level of honour in excatholic hitler army, No words hitherto exist to describe depravities of catholic xtianity past and present: let us fervently do ardas to ensure there is no future for kathlicStyleXtianity, these depraved freakz created verminous subraces currently tormenting California and M├ętis of Canada. Trafficking is problem i refer to what is euphemismtically termed”white slavery” : children suffer due to racialist of laRaza criminalz whose livelihoods include drugz trafficking and general criminality of the sort they were subjected to by spaniard cathlic tards/turds of settler era usa/ mexico. Hispanic life is semitically oriented. Whereas true Arya of USA tend to b NW Euro genetically and followers of various”yogi” with supranational organizations similar to Baba Nanak Panth Ex SRF Divine Life society ISKCON aka known as iskhan lol etc and SantMat etc, actual zog deep state is thoroughly Semitic refer to desperation to do hamla against Aryan Prestige homeland of Iran Zamin.

Negro problem created by jew. It is premature to discuss reparations when we live in world where there are more slaves alive today than ever before. When slavery ceases to exist at that point issue of reparations can be negotiated, fullstop.

Anonymous said...

V. Imp Jain hate Krsna violence and it remains to b seen wat was maternal tribal ancestry of Krsna? Now defunct realhistoryindia blog states He had nappy hair?and sadhguru tamil freak states mother of Krishna was tribal which tribe: surely it must have been an Aryan tribe, no? Fine midnight black transcendent hairs kes r hallmark identifying mark of Sri Krsna
Osho says Jain dharm most ancient: at one time there was no violence here on Earth! True wonder of Sparrow of Gold, now of course there r Falcons of 10th Master Of Sikhi to protect India u r zog occupied chindia

Negro slavery had impact on chinee people
Monolid eat dog canine to stay Japan young: by law of Manu such freakz must be barred from guardianship of K9.
So much research needed into history
Ancient Greek lauded yet modern Hellenix forced into “austerity “ ? wtf? No justice no peace. Peace begins with whirled peas- matarpanir
Brownpundits blog states greeks r nonwhite and we know Russia is of the East,
Sikhi prophecied to thrive in West, west of Patna?
Utube mishlove Jeffrey says India part of west certainly so is iran
Why zog USA tormenting Iran and all who follow arya life of genuine liberating life giving rejuvenating Arya religions: Jain Vedanta path ParsiZarathustra, path of Gautam, Baba Nanak , Gaud iskcon Etc
Ancient Arya blood of noble tribes of SCentralAsiaAfpakNWsubcontinent is best thing to ever have happened to Semitic Europa
Aryan religion cannot coexist with semitich creeds. V r divine beings. born sinners of depraved xtianity must b brought into line by actual eastern Arya
drop jew element of islam voila reform occurs purity of zarathustran goodness is pakka, full~stop.
QuanYin disciple of Sant Thakar has gifted world with groundbreaking research that shows beyond shadow of doubt that every religion of Earth demands strict adherence to veggie ethic. Diet is nonissue.
Problem is unjust zog war: Sweden arya Sweden recognizes Palestine. Panjab Bengal messed up due to issrile. Punch into utube”issrile murdabad” for taste of East Arya culture- there is no death tabu outside zog realm: it is not morbid but normal to question death. What is morbid wud b unjust zog wars such as ww1 ww2 zog out of control!
Proof: weight loss industry: morons of zog— eat less move more!
More later maybe: usa your atrocities r genocide of beauty, know this u r doomed to fail, Pasupati is beyond 15th dimension. KlintonKrimeFamily belongs at The Hague! Benelux&bengaal ultimate destination- underwater due to Prakriti’s Pleasure..ditto for jewyorkshitty. Where women r dishonoured entire lineages come to an end: Dharmic Law 101.

Anonymous said...

For the India Iran haters of fraud cowkilling lineage fraud dr barnardBastardy of irishalcoholicscum: dare not spew your zog war blackageweaponry upon sacred Aryan Dharti: 50 million niggaZ headed to Emerald Isle.

Enuff shytt cannot b written about depravities of irishZOG

Phuckoff out of iranindia: u deserve ur mexicrant immigruntz

Speak Gaylick: bar irish from Purity of English language of heroic prextian Beovulf: jat jute Saka scythian: no frawdleys needed or wanted!!

vegans deserve to b made extinct: stinky daily copulators of born sinner xtianity
Take sannyas or head to gas chamber as per osho
Now it’s your turn to burn deadly irishzogjew


Never trust mlecch with care of bovine: mlecch posers Of iskcon best not b trusted wiv zebu

PCRM jallianwalla bagh Genocide bastards of ire angry land anaryIrish don’t dare spread vegan filth within bharat: don’t you dare

Anonymous said...

First brown white girlchild of America enslaved.
Halt zog trafficking. AntiAryan conduct is despicable.

tim drake said...

"Surely looking at lactose tolerance in populations shows the links between north indians and europeans, and hence validity of the AIT?" --- @jas , but the lactose tolerance allele that northern europeans and some groups from north-west india is also present in high frequency in a south indian tribe known as Toda. Now AFAIK, Todas' myths and languages show no IE features.

Anonymous said...

Why Panjab airport named after brothelborn kuti haramanburakamin indirgandi: delhi is Panjab non- Panjab avadi quit Panjab pakka
Squatters of bengalmsdraschinee quit afpak territory of Aryavartasthan.
Aryavartasthan is for actual tribes oF NW Subcontinent ex Tajik Pashtun Jat and Ramgharia etc arora go settle Eritreaetc
Badla for hebrewDroneskyattack upon NW Gandharva AfghanPashtun territory is imminent. Decrepit jewnited states browniez&friendz habensie homeland also.Jenocidal bikramibadmashKalendir must be banned by den Hague. Anglosphere atrocities to Aryavartasthanic Civilization must be avenged. iow badla kaljewg excuse for nonveg is inexcusable punch into utube issrile murdabad only Wondrous Pakistan is courageous and brave enuff to not recognize issrile. Hezbolllah is pious charity unlike kalergiJoshua plan to make Aryavartasthan Arya peoples extinct. Attempting to upgrade undesirable mudrace genetix thru miscegenation violates law of loveable Manu. Gangetic plains black proletariat fakearya go settle outside beloved bharat as u r a disgrace to panth of beautiful baba Nanak.
Brownpundits is correct greece is nonwhite especially jews of crete whose despicable conduct as renowned genocidal liars esp wrt Persia and Central Scythian Asia is incompatible with Age ofTruth.
Excuse typo if any

Anonymous said...

Correction: stop press
Arora bania fake brahmin fake pandit turanik turds tards tarts trash torturers terrormonger govt quit milkiway galaxy
Don’t ruin aryaafrika arora: afrika is 4 boer dutch settler milkveg agriculturalists and their friends if any
“Age of Rose has yet to begin” Mrs. P. Flynn of iskcon
Housecleaning needed to usher in Age of Truth

tim drake said...

@Prabh108, i can barely understand what you are saying but the so-called Arya tribes of NW india have lower birth rates than gangetic plains groups . There would be slow migration of the groups (whom you call as non-arya) from gangetic plains to NW India in the next few decades. I expect changes in phenotypes and looks of NW India in a single generation.

Anonymous said...

Your dishonesty anthroplogically is appalling yet unsurprising. This is not Tim Horton lol lol lol
Baderphuck is interesting & wyrdly weird.
“So-called” for one lacking both internal and external vision, for,
Ancient Aryan DNA found only amongst few persons of few tribes - ginmay- is zog nightmare too for adulterous .
As per Iskconite Padyavali ancient arya DNA light years superior. Refer to realhistoryindia utube. They will return wiv improved blog. Why wideawakegentile blog of brownboy of present day beloved Bharat shut down? Why shut down. Why mein Twitter still not restored? Pastures of Instagram beckon.
@ Dr. Elst: thine illustrious website is blocked at CF shopping centre in Nefariously fiberal Canada.
So, in time honoured ahimsic tradition I boycott their mall, full of stinky adharmic nonveg semiticized noisy demographic. P’haps i shall pen a letter to CF Fairview , incorrectly named shopping centre.

Note: I intend to in ahimsic manner bring Light of Arya thought back to Earth planet.

Bhagwan’s Wit b wiv u

Anonymous said...

Error: mysteriously cia was not printed after word adulterous in above comment.

Correction: “adulterous CIA”

tim drake said...

"Ancient Aryan DNA found only amongst few persons of few tribes - ginmay- is zog nightmare too for adulterous ." --- What do you mean by Aryan DNA here ? Neolithic Steppe, Early Bronze Age Steppe or Late Bronze Age Steppe ?

Anonymous said...

Mr Drake: the short answer is “eyes don’t lie, Arya appearance character disposition is recognizable thru all senses”
iow nastynato quit india chinee quit india
Iran is jaan of Bharat
The longer answer will be found thru research of Arya science different from animal torture of semitic pseudoscience.
First denizens of Earth were DevaDevian: Gods&theirConsorts, fullstop.
To use the vernacular sir Richard Dawkins is a piece of chalk if not shytt.

Genocide warfare by hebrew against arya ancestral sacred sthans peoples territory lands is dooomed to fail.
Afghanistan is graveyard of Empires. War criminals belong at den Hague. Semitic usa is not above the Law. Low class casteless miscegenation of USA Wymyn wiv chinki tibetan does not an Aryan make. Eg copy paste astrologist catholic hater of hindooism budhismgood bpmlama: her miscegenation offspring will Not inherit Tibet. Tibet is not for dogeating lineages.

Anonymous said...

Fascinatingly intresting paper
Penned by Goojooraat gentleman academic wrt negro criminality: Anglosphere Law enforcement might wish to take a peek.
Beauty is not an industry nor a myth nor subjective or Deva forbid merely in the “eyes of beholders”.
For Sivananda oF GaudBegAl unequivocally states negroBantu lack aesthetics discernment due to “different unequal” genotye&phenotype. Horrid weapons detonated at Haryana during Kurukshetar conflict. Mutations? Research needed by Arya sages, not pseudoscience of animal and people torture of for lack of better term israeliZog. Dresden reparations, when?
pr108 love conquers all omnichitamour

tim drake said...

 “eyes don’t lie, Arya appearance character disposition is recognizable thru all senses” ---- Dear Prabh, please explain what an Arya looks like ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As of 3 july jewnitedQueendom westmidland polis declared war on Sikhi as reported by
By law of Manu interspecies recent uk monarchy is now defunct null and void: interregnum as prophecied by now vanished Coventry uk
Kakistocratic plutocrats must be smashed.
Have poetwarrior dharmfauji and Joginder Foley been captured by semitic world at order of kakistocratic pseudohindoo chinesecommunist occupied india?
DhanvadThanks for Corridor ik
Only Equalitarian Sikhi condemns and prohibits all forms of slaveryGulami
Semitik creeds revel in slavery viz zog usa shoddyarabia where unspeakable atrocities occur hourly: raid their homes albinooid fake polis

Aryavartasthan is of Eternality: pakka here to remain upon Earth forever and a day.
Ideals of Sikhi r essence and pinnacle of Aryavartasthan: life is sacred.
Death to enemies of Aryavartasthan and Aryavartasthanic ideals oF absolute freedom and liberty.
Eternal vigilance is price of liberty founder usa

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